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Tuna Fish In Tamil

Tuna Fish In Tamil

Tuna Fish In Tamil “சூரை மீன்” “Soorai meen” in Tanglish.

Tuna Fish have 15 species. its fastest fish swim in water when compare to others.

Yellow Tuna Fish swim 75 kilometers speed per min best fastest Fish in the sea.

a lot of Tuna fish are capture and they died now few of the present sea.

Bluefin, yellowfin, and bullet tuna best ones when compared to the most demand for this fishes.

Benefits OF Tuna fish

  1. It produces Omega Fatty Acids and loses cholesterol in arteries
  2. Tuna reduces blood Pressure, High in potassium
  3. manganese, zinc, vitamin C, and selenium are present its help develop immunity power.
  4. Because tuna is low in fat and high in proteins and nutrients, it gives us a wonderful flavor while also balancing our calorie consumption.
  5. The Vitamin B complex in the tuna serves to maintain our skin healthy, while the antioxidants in tuna flesh assist to combat cancer cells.

The Maldives is famous export for Tuna Embryo very famous and they export to various countries like Sri Lanka, South India, Kerala, and Lakshadweep.

Types Tuna Fish Tamil Name

  • கானாங்கெளுத்தி 
  • சூரை
  • சுரளி
  • வரிச்சூரை
  • உண்மைச்சூரை
  • மஞ்சள் துடுப்பு இனம்
  • நீல துடுப்பு இனம்
  • Tuna Fish In Tamil

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