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Basa Fish In Tamil

Basa Fish In Tamil

Basa Fish In Tamil meaning “கெளுத்தி மீன்” “Keluthi Meen” other name For basa fish is catfish

they are found in riverside its eats small fish and very much tasty when compare to sea fish

River Fish very much tasty because it’s live in Good water and salt in the water so it’s very tasty.

The hometown for Keluthi Meen is Southeast Asia its river, pounds, lake, etc.


Catfish grow very large and it has a round head white color. Large weight Fish Good protein content Fish.

Benefits For Eating Basa Fish 

  1. same I mentioned in the blog about Salmon Fish In Tamil & Tuna fish In Tamil large Fatty Acids to reduce the cholesterol etc.
  2. when eating the catfish develop body tissue, produce body enzyme also.
  3. catfish found a lake that very tasty and Best Food.
  4. It’s very useful for a Pregnant lady it gives large benefits to the child.
  5. Very Cheap Price and poor people can buy this fish.
  6. 1 kilogram is about 150 price only you can buy online.

Basa Fish In Tamil

species Basa (Pangasius bocourti) Family Pangasiidae

Very Important Fish sales in the international market.

Its found in a river cobbler, cobbler, basa, pangasius, panga, etc

Basa Fish In Tamil
Basa Fish In Tamil
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