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Tamil Crime Novels
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Here are a few more gripping Tamil Crime Novels that you might enjoy:

  • These novels offer a diverse range of crime thriller stories in Tamil literature, showcasing different authors and styles within the genre. Whether you are interested in suspenseful plots, intriguing mysteries, or thrilling narratives, these Tamil crime novels provide a rich reading experience for enthusiasts of the genre.

Best Tamil Crime Novels

கிம்ரினா திரில்லர் தமிழ் நாவல்கள் பற்றிய சில சிறப்பு நாவல்கள்

  1. கர்ண பரம்பரை (Tamil Edition) – Written by காலச்சக்கரம் நரசிம்மா, this novel falls into the thrilling crime genre .
  2. ஒலிவத்தார்க்கு வழியில்லை (Tamil Edition) – Authored by இந்திரா சௌந்தர் ராஜன் .
  3. மெரினா (Paperback) – Written by சுஜாதா .
  4. நான்காவது நாள் (Kindle Edition) – Crafted by சென் பாலன் .
  5. விவேக், ரூபால துப்பரியும் நவல்கள் தொகுதி 1 (Tamil Edition) – Penned by ராஜேஷ் குமார் .

Let me provide a brief overview of each of the Tamil Crime Novels:

  1. கர்ண பரம்பரை (Tamil Edition):

    • Author: காலச்சக்கரம் நரசிம்மா
    • Synopsis: This gripping novel takes you on a thrilling journey through a lineage of secrets and mysteries. As the protagonist unravels the past, they discover dark family secrets that lead to unexpected twists and turns. The suspense builds as hidden connections emerge, revealing a web of intrigue and danger.
  2. ஒலிவத்தார்க்கு வழியில்லை (Tamil Edition):

    • Author: இந்திரா சௌந்தர் ராஜன்
    • Synopsis: In this novel, the protagonist, an investigative journalist, stumbles upon a series of seemingly unrelated events. As they dig deeper, they uncover a complex conspiracy involving powerful figures, corruption, and betrayal. The suspense keeps readers hooked as they follow the journalist’s relentless pursuit of the truth.
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  3. மெரினா (Paperback):

    • Author: சுஜாதா
    • Synopsis: Set against the backdrop of a coastal town, this noir thriller introduces us to Merina, a mysterious woman with a troubled past. When a murder occurs in her vicinity, she becomes entangled in a dangerous game of deception, revenge, and hidden motives. The novel skillfully weaves together suspense, romance, and unexpected revelations.
  4. நான்காவது நாள் (Kindle Edition):

    • Author: சென் பாலன்
    • Synopsis: A fast-paced crime thriller, “நான்காவது நாள்” follows the life of an undercover detective. As he infiltrates a criminal organization, he faces moral dilemmas, dangerous adversaries, and personal sacrifices. The novel explores themes of loyalty, betrayal, and the blurred lines between justice and revenge.
  5. விவேக், ரூபால துப்பரியும் நவல்கள் தொகுதி 1 (Tamil Edition):

    • Author: ராஜேஷ் குமார்
    • Synopsis: This anthology features intriguing short crime stories centered around detectives Vivek and Rupal. Each story presents a unique case, from missing persons to elaborate heists. The duo’s sharp minds, witty banter, and unexpected solutions make this collection a delightful read for mystery enthusiasts.

Remember, these Novels in Tamil have suspense, unexpected twists, and intriguing characters. Happy reading! 📚

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