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Sujatha Novels Free Download
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Sujatha Novels have been translated into many languages, and they can be downloaded for free in Tamil.

Sujatha novels have been translated into many languages, and they can be downloaded for free in Tamil. They are also available online through their website.

Sujatha Novels are a set of Indian historical novels. A lot of them have been translated into many Indian languages and also English language.

The first novel in the Sujatha series is called “Kolaiyuthir Kalam“1962. It talks about the Kolaiyuthir Kalam.

There are a lot of novels by Sujatha that have been translated into other languages such as Tamil and Hindi

Sujatha is a writer of Tamil fiction. His novels deal with the lower middle-class life of Madurai. His novels are translated into Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, and English languages.

S.No Novels Details
1 1 2 3…20 Download
3 14 Naatkal Download
4 24 Roopai Theevu Download
5 Aah Download
6 Aalwar Download
7 Aatakaran Download
8 Aathalinaal Kaadhal Seiveer Download
9 Amman Pathakkam Download
10 Anitha Ezam Manaivi Download
11 Anithavin Kadhalkal Download
12 Anumathi Download
13 Ayirathil iruvar Download
14 Chinna Kuyili Download
15 Commissionerukku Kaditham Download
16 Dr Narenthiranin Vinotha Vazhukku Download
17 Een Etharkku Eppadi Download
18 En Iniya Endhira Download
19 Endraavadhu Oru Naall Download
20 Gayathri Download
21 Innum Oru Pen Manam Download
22 Irul Verum Neram Download
23 Jannalmalar Download
24 JK Download
25 Jothi Download
26 Kaagidha Sangiligall Download
27 Kadavul Ullara Download
28 Kadavul Vanthirunthaar Download
29 Kai Download
30 Kanavu Thozhirchalai Download
31 Kanayaliyin Kadaisi Pakkangal Download
32 Karaiyellaam Shenbagappoo Download
33 Katradhum Petradhum Download
34 Kolai Arangam Download
35 Kolaiyudir Kaalam Download
36 Malai Maaligai Download
37 Manadhukulle Oru Mirugam Download
38 Marubadiyum Ganesh Download
39 Meendum Jeeno Download
40 Megathai Thurathinavan Download
41 Merina Download
42 Modhamal OrunalumIruka Vendam Download
43 Moondru naal sorkam Download
44 Murphy Law Download
45 Nil Kavani Thaku Download
46 Nila Nizhal Download
47 Nillunkal Rajave Download
48 Niramatra Vaanavil Download
49 Nirvana Nagaram Download
50 Novel Download
51 nylon kayiru 2 Download
52 Oodathae Download
53 Oolai pattasu Download
54 Oriravil oru rail Download
55 Oru Nadupakal Maranam Download
56 Oru Vignaana Paarvaiyilirundhu Download
57 Pathavikkaaga Download
58 pathi rajiyam Download
59 Pathu Second Mutham Download
60 Pen Iyanthiram Download
61 Pesum Bommaigal Download
62 Pirivom Santhipom-I Download
63 Pirivom Santhipom-II Download
64 Priya Download
65 Rail Punnagai Download
66 Roja Download
67 September Pali Download
68 Sivantha Kaikal Download
69 Srirangathu Devathaigal Download
70 Ten Commandments Download
71 Thadathae Download
72 Thanga Muduchu Download
73 Theendum Inbam Download
74 Thenilavu Download
75 Thisai Kandeen Vaan Kandeen Download
76 Ullam Thuranthavan Download
77 Vasantha Kala Kutrangal Download
78 Veniyin Kathaalan Download
79 Vibareetha Kotpadu Download
80 Vidivatharkul Vaa Download
81 Vikram Download
82 WATER Download
83 Vaimaye Sila Samayam Vellum Download

Regarding Sujatha

S. Rangarajan, a well-known Tamil novelist who published more than 100 novels, 250 short stories, 10 scientific books, 10 stage plays, and poetry, wrote under the pen name Sujatha. He is a well-known novelist who has contributed significantly to Tamil literature and has been included in several well-known journals, including Ananda Vikatan, Kumudam, and Kalki.

He was an engineer employed at Bharat Electronics Limited, where he oversaw the design and manufacture of electronic voting machines (EVMs) (BEL). Here are the entire novel lists that Sujatha has authored.

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