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Female Tamil Novel Writers List -Tamil literature has a long and varied history, with many gifted writers making major contributions to the world of literature.

In this blog article, we will highlight some of the outstanding female Tamil Novelists whose works have left an everlasting impression on the literary world.

With their narrative abilities, these writers have not only crossed borders but also inspired generations.

Let’s have a look at this list of renowned Female Tamil Authors to learn more about these literary superstars.

Who is the best female author?

The Tamil language boasts a rich history of accomplished female authors, whose literary endeavors have earned widespread recognition and admiration.

1. Kotainayaki Ammaiyar – Renowned for her numerous novels and editorial work for a Tamil magazine.

2. Tiripuracuntari – Notable for her Tamil novels such as “Kancanaiyin Kanvu,” “Mitila Vilas,” and others.

3. Rajamkirusnan – Author of novels like “Valaikkaram,” “Kurincitten,” “Amutamaki Varuka,” “Malarkal,” and more

4. Kuyili Rakjesvari – Acknowledged for her works including novels like “Teyvam Cirittatu” and “Unarnta Nencam.”

5. Anuttama, K. Savittiri, and K. Sarasvati – Authors of numerous Tamil short stories that capture the essence of family life.

6. Komakal – Celebrated for her passion for “Talvurra Nencam,” a Tamil novel by the female author K.

7. Caroja Ramamurtti or Saroja Ramamurthi – Skilled in depicting stories of children and recognized for novels like “Muttuccippi,” “Paniltuli,” and “Latcivavatam.”

8. Ampujam – Author of several novels.

9. Salma (writer) – An Indian Tamil Muslim author, columnist, social worker, and speaker.

These literary pioneers have made a lasting impact on Tamil literature, and their contributions continue to be celebrated.

Female Tamil Novel Writers List

R. Kothainayaki Ammal (1870-1933): She is considered one of the earliest female Tamil novelists and is known for her novel “Puthumai Penn,” which is a pioneering work in Tamil feminist literature.

Lakshmi Devi (1917-2014): She was a prolific writer known for her novels and short stories. Her works often portrayed the lives of women and their struggles in society.

Sivasankari (b. 1942): Sivasankari is a renowned contemporary Tamil novelist who has written numerous novels dealing with social issues, women’s rights, and family dynamics. Her popular works include “Paalangal” and “Kutti.”

Indra Parthasarathy (b. 1930): She is known for her novel “Kurinji Malar” which won the Sahitya Akademi Award. Her works often revolve around the lives of women in Tamil society.

Rajam Krishnan (1925-2008): Her novels often explored the complex relationships between women and their families. “Pani Manithan” is one of her notable works.

Ambai (C.S. Lakshmi) (b. 1944): Ambai is a contemporary Tamil writer known for her feminist perspective and her exploration of women’s experiences in her stories and novels.

Su. Samuthiram (b. 1964): She has written novels and short stories, often addressing themes related to women’s issues and societal challenges.

Jayakanthan (1934-2015): While not exclusively a female novelist, his short stories and novels often portrayed strong, independent female characters. He was a well-known writer in Tamil literature.

Janaki Srinivasan (b. 1947): She is known for her works that address women’s issues, family relationships, and contemporary social concerns in her novels.

Vannadasan (b. 1958): Though not a female novelist, he has written stories with strong female characters and explored women’s issues in his works.

These female Tamil novelists have made significant contributions to Tamil literature by addressing various social, cultural, and women-centric issues in their writings. Their works have helped shape the literary landscape and bring attention to the experiences of women in Tamil society.

1. Female Tamil Novel Writers List R. Saraswathi Amma

In 1914, R. Saraswathi Amma, a pioneer in Tamil literature, was born. She is known for her groundbreaking contribution to the feminist literary movement.

Her work “Verukku Neer” (1974) exemplifies her capacity to question cultural standards and delve into the complexity of women’s lives.

Saraswathi Amma’s work was distinguished by its great empathy and understanding of the feminine experience.

2. Imayam

R. Chudamani, a renowned Tamil author noted for her fascinating storylines, writes under the pen name Imayam.

Her work “Koveru Kazhudhaigal” (1989) received considerable appreciation for its depiction of women’s suffering in rural Tamil Nadu.

Imayam’s narrative ability and social critique have elevated her to a position of prominence in modern Tamil writing.

 3. Sivasankari

Sivasankari, a well-known Tamil Novel Writers, has made important literary contributions via her novels and short tales. “Pirivom Sandhippom” (1971), her novel, tackled issues of love and relationships in a changing world. Sivasankari’s paintings frequently address societal themes and human emotions, gaining her a devoted following.

4. Ambai (C.S. Lakshmi)

C.S. Lakshmi’s pen name, Ambai, is a multidimensional writer noted for her intriguing fiction and feminist writings. Her short story book “A Purple Sea” (2006) looks at the intricacies of gender and identity. Ambai’s sophisticated narrative has garnered her countless accolades and honors.

5. Salma

Salma, a contemporary Tamil writer, rose to prominence with her novel “Irandam Jamangalin Kathai” (2004). Her writing is marked by its bold exploration of women’s experiences in a conservative society. Salma’s work challenges conventions and empowers women through her narratives.

6. Kavery Nambisan

Kavery Nambisan is a talented writer who has achieved success in both English and Tamil literature. Her 1996 novel “The Scent of Pepper” is a moving examination of family and identity. Nambisan’s ability to move smoothly across languages and civilizations demonstrates her literary skill.

1. Which is the best Tamil book to read?

The “best” Tamil novel to read is a subjective decision based on personal likes and interests. There are, nevertheless, a few classic and highly respected Tamil literary works that many view as exceptional:

“Ponniyin Selvan” (Ponniyin Selvan) by Kalki Krishnamurthy: This historical novel has received widespread praise for its convoluted narrative, well-developed characters, and realistic depiction of the Chola empire. It is popular among Tamil literary aficionados.

“Kalki Krishnamurthy’s Works: In addition to “Ponniyin Selvan,” Kalki Krishnamurthy has written numerous other highly praised novels and short tales, including “Sivagamiyin Sabatham” and “Parthiban Kanavu.”

Sandilyan’s “Kadal Pura”: Another popular option among Tamil readers, this historical work is noted for its intriguing story set during the Chola period.

Parthiban’s “Sivakamiyin Sabatham”: This beloved historical fiction, inspired by Kalki Krishnamurthy’s writing, delves into the life of ancient Tamil rulers and queens.

Thiruvalluvar’s “Thirukkural”: Thirukkural is a well-known Tamil scripture for its moral and ethical ideas. It is composed of 1330 couplets that address numerous areas of life, making it an excellent read for philosophical and ethical counsel.

2. Which is the most sold book in Tamilnadu?

The best-selling book in Tamil Nadu may change over time, and exact sales data are not always accessible. However, several novels that have gained significant recognition and sales in Tamil Nadu include:

Religious texts: Due to Tamil Nadu’s diverse religious populace, books such as the Bhagavad Gita, the Quran, and the Bible are frequently read and marketed.

Self-help and motivational books: Authors such as Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Swami Vivekananda’s publications have sparked tremendous interest and sales in the state.

Textbooks for school and university courses: Given the significance of education, textbooks for school and university courses frequently sell well in Tamil Nadu.

3. What are the 5 books of Tamil Literature?

While it is difficult to choose only five novels to symbolize Tamil literature, here are five prominent and famous works from Tamil literature:

Thiruvalluvar’s Thirukkural:

Thirukkural, as previously said, is a famous Tamil book consisting of 1330 couplets that provide significant insights on ethics, morality, and daily life.

Ilango Adigal’s Silapathikaram:

The narrative of Kannagi, a noblewoman, and her search for justice is told in this ancient Tamil epic. It is one of Tamil literature’s Five Great Epics.

Seethalai Saathanar’s Manimekalai:

“Manimekalai” is a Buddhist Tamil epic that analyzes the life and teachings of Buddha. It is one of the Five Great Epics.

“Ponniyin Selvan” (Ponniyin Selvan) by Kalki Krishnamurthy:

This book, a historical fiction set during the Chola empire, is praised for its convoluted narrative and well-developed characters.

Kambar’s Kamba Ramayanam:

The poet Kambar’s Tamil version of the epic Ramayana is a famous literary masterpiece that has been appreciated for generations.

4. Which book is best for reading for beginners in Tamil?

To acquire language abilities gradually, novices in Tamil should start with relatively easy and beginner-friendly literature. Here are several possibilities:

Consider reading Tamil children’s books that have basic vocabulary and entertaining storylines. These books are intended to teach fundamental Tamil terminology and sentence patterns.

Tamil Language Learning Books:

Look for beginner-level Tamil language learning textbooks or resources. These books frequently include lessons, activities, and explanations to assist you in learning the language step by step.

Select short tales or collections of short stories in Tamil. Short tales contain simpler vocabulary and are an excellent approach to developing reading abilities.

Annotated traditional Tamil works:

Some traditional Tamil works, such as “Thirukkural,” are accessible with annotations and translations to assist beginners to grasp the material.

Explore online tools and apps designed to help beginners learn Tamil. Interactive courses, quizzes, and pronunciation guidelines are frequently included.

Finally, the greatest book for beginners in Tamil will be determined by your unique language competence and study objectives. A recommended technique is to begin with simpler texts and proceed to more difficult ones.


The Female Tamil Novel Writers List on this list has not only enhanced Tamil literature but has also left an everlasting impression on the literary world at large. Their stories of survival, strength, and social transformation continue to inspire readers of all ages.

Let us also recognize the myriad more outstanding female Tamil authors who continue to influence the literary landscape with their originality and enthusiasm as we commemorate their accomplishments.

This blog article presents some of the most significant female Tamil novelists from various times and genres, showcasing the breadth and depth of Tamil literature.

For a more thorough blog, you may elaborate on each writer’s accomplishments, their effect on Tamil society, and the issues they addressed in their writings.

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