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Below is a list of the Top 10 Tamil Novel Writers, free to download. The best way to read or download free Tamil books. Read our site for a list of the finest Tamil novelists and their works. You may quickly and conveniently get the top Tamil novels for free from this page.

Tamil Novel Writers-You can select the greatest Tamil novelist to read online from our list in our blog. All of the novelists are intriguing and educational; consider downloading the complete books in PDF format.

Tamil Novel Writers Saranya Hema

Saranya Hema is a Tamil novel writer who has authored several books. Some of her notable works include:

Swapna Sparisangal
Uruginaeno Uraigiraeno
Unnil Uruvaana Aasaigal
Minnal Athanin Magano
Mullai Vana Kulire: முல்லை வன குளிரே (Tamil Edition)
Then Mottu Kolangal: தேன் மொட்டு கோலங்கள் (Tamil Edition)

You can find more information about Saranya Hema and her works on websites like Tamil Novel Writers and Pengal Thalam.

Tamil novel writer Ramya Rajan

Ramya Rajan is a well-known Tamil novel writer with several popular works. Some of her notable novels include:

Vazhiyoram Vizhi Vaikiren
Sangeetha Swarangal
Vasanthame Arukil Vaa
Kandukondaen Kaathalai
Enthan Kaathal Neethaanae

You can find her books on platforms like Goodreads and Tamil Novel Writers.

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Famous Tamil Novel Writers

Here are some of the most famous Tamil novel writers:

Here are some of the most famous Tamil novel writers:

Kovi Manisekaran:  A Tamil author whose storytelling is notable for its realism and reliability.

Perumal Murugan:  A modern Tamil author well known for his books “One Part Woman” and “The Sorrow of Wayfarers”.

S. Ramakrishnan:  A Tamil author whose works bring new views to Tamil literature.

Ashokamitran (1921-2000):  A Tamil writer renowned for his nuanced and satirical writing style.

Indira Parthasarathy:  A Tamil author recognized for her unconventional manner.

These writers have enriched Tamil literary heritage and inspired aspiring writers. Their writings have transcended geographical borders, touching readers’ hearts and brains all across the world.

Sri Lankan Tamil Novel Writers

Sri Lankan Tamil writers have contributed significantly to Tamil literature. Some notable Sri Lankan Tamil writers include:

  1. Yazh Sudhakar
  2. C. W. Thamotharampillai
  3. Ananda Coomaraswamy
  4. V. I. S. Jayapalan
  5. K. S. Balachandran
  6. Visvanatha Sastriyar
  7. Anton Sebastianpillai
  8. Shyam Selvadurai
  9. N. Shanmugalingam
  10. S. J. Sindu
  11. Kailayar Sellanainar Sivakumaran
  12. Ambalavaner Sivanandan
  13. Siva

These writers have produced a wide range of works, including novels, poetry, and non-fiction. Some of their notable works can be found on platforms like Tamil Novel Writers.

Tamil Novel Writers Blog

The “Tamil Novel Writers Blog” is a website dedicated to Tamil literature and the outstanding authors who contribute to this thriving literary legacy. This site acts as a major center for Tamil literature fans, providing a diverse range of articles about Tamil novels, the writers who create them, and their literary works.

Key Features:

Author Spotlights: The site features in-depth profiles of well-known Tamil Writers, offering insights into their lives, creative journeys, and important works. Readers can obtain a better knowledge of the minds behind their favorite works.

Book Reviews: Discover frank and insightful evaluations of Tamil books that will assist readers in discovering captivating literary treasures and making educated reading choices.

Writing Guidance:  Aspiring Tamil authors may learn about the art of writing, the publication process, and honing their techniques.

Literary Events: Keep up to speed with literary events, book releases, and exclusive author interviews in the Tamil literary world.

Community Engagement: Connect with other Tamil literature fans, share book suggestions, and participate in conversations about the newest novels and literary trends.

The “Tamil Novel Writers com” is a dedicated endeavor aimed at cultivating a profound love for Tamil literature and providing steadfast support to the burgeoning novelist community. It’s a must-see for everyone who appreciates the art of Tamil storytelling.

Tamil Novel Writers List –Tamilnovels

Tamil literature boasts a rich tradition of novelists who have made significant contributions to the world of literature. Here is a list of some prominent Tamil novel writers:

Please keep in mind that this is not a complete list of brilliant Tamil authors who have made important contributions to Tamil literature. Their works cover a wide range of genres and topics, making Tamil literature a diversified and lively discipline.

Tamil Novel Writer Name

Tamil novels Tamil literature has produced several well-known authors. The following are some well-known Tamil authors.

R.K. Narayan – Known for novels like “Swami and Friends” and “The Guide.”

Kalki Krishnamurthy – Famous for historical novels like “Ponniyin Selvan.”

Sujatha (Rangarajan) – Renowned for science fiction and technology-themed novels.

Jayakanthan – Celebrated for his social and humanist novels.

Ashokamitran – Noted for his realistic and contemporary novels.

Sundara Ramasamy – A key figure in modern Tamil literature.

Akilan – Known for historical novels like “Chithirapavai.”

Balakumaran – Distinguished for his diverse range of novels and short stories.

Cho Ramaswamy – A satirist and humorist, famous for his witty novels.

Anuradha Ramanan – A popular writer of romance and family-themed novels.

Please keep in mind that this is not an entire list and many more outstanding Tamil writers have made major contributions to Tamil literature, each with their distinct style and subjects.

Novel Writers In Tamil

Certainly! Here is a list of some well-known Novel Writers In Tamil along with a brief synopsis of their contributions to Tamil literature:

R.K. Narayan: R.K. Narayan is a prominent author who caught the essence of South Indian life and culture in his books. He is known for his simple and graceful style. His compositions frequently center on the fictitious village of Malgudi.

Kalki Krishnamurthy: Kalki is well-known for his historical novels, notably “Ponniyin Selvan,” which is regarded as a Tamil literary masterpiece. His passionate narration brings historical eras to life.

Sujatha (Rangarajan): Sujatha was a prolific author who specialized in science fiction and technology-themed books. His works frequently dealt with the interaction of science and society.

Jayakanthan: Jayakanthan was a well-known author of social and humanist fiction. His writings generally took a critical stance on modern societal concerns and human interactions.

Ashokamitran:  Ashokamitran was well-known for his realistic and up-to-date books. With a sharp eye, he depicted the intricacies of urban life and human emotions.

Sundara Ramasamy: Sundara Ramasamy was a major character in modern Tamil writing, with his novels and short tales frequently tackling societal challenges and cultural topics.

Akilan: Akilan was well-known for his historical books, notably “Chithirapavai,” which delved into the lives of women in ancient Tamil culture.

Balakumaran: Balakumaran was a prolific writer noted for a wide spectrum of novels and short tales. He wrote in a variety of genres, including historical fiction and criminal thrillers.

Cho Ramaswamy: Cho Ramaswamy was a satirist and comedian best known for his satirical books that frequently lampooned political and social circumstances. His keen wit and witty observations were well received.

Anuradha Ramanan: Anuradha Ramanan was a well-known romance and family-themed novelist who was noted for her captivating storytelling and likable characters.

With their distinct styles and theme investigations, these writers have made an indelible mark on Tamil literature, establishing Tamil novels as a rich and diversified literary heritage.

Tamil Crime Novel Writers List

There are various Tamil crime novelists whose works are available. Some of the popular Tamil crime novelists and their works are:

Rajesh Kumar Tamil Crime Novels

Kadaisi Theekuchi, Vivek, Roopala Thuppariyum Novelgal Thoguthi 1, Kadamai Thantha Kaatru, and many others.

Rajesh Kumar, commonly known as KR Rajagopal, is a Tamil crime fiction novelist. He has published more than 1,500 books and 2,000 short stories, mostly in the criminal, detective, and science fiction genres. Some of his famous works include:

  1. Vivek, Vishnu, Oru Vidukadhai (Tamil).
  2. Kadaisi Theekuchi.
  3. Vivek, Vishnu, Vibareedham (Tamil).
  4. Anbulla Ethiri.
  5. Yuththa Saththam.
  6. Nalliravu Seithigal Vaasipathu DURGA.

Rajesh Kumar has also been acknowledged for his contributions to Tamil writing, having received the Chakkaravarthi Award from MW Magazine and Rotary’s Outstanding Young Person Award.

Indira Soundarajan Tamil Crime Novels

Works include Kaal Kattu and Kadal Pura, among others.

Indira Soundarajan is a well-known Tamil novelist who has published several novels, including mystery fiction. Some of his major works in the crime fiction genre are:

1. Kaali Kattu
2. Kadalpura 3. Vellai Roja 4. Vellai Thamarai 5. Kutravaaligal
6. Thirudan Police
7. Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah.

Indira Soundarajan’s works and biography may be found on platforms such as Goodreads and OverDrive.

Pattukkottai Prabhakar Tamil Crime Novels

Pattukkottai Prabhakar is a well-known Tamil novelist who specializes in crime and thriller books. Some of his major works include the Bharath Susila Detective series.

1. Bharath Susila Detective series
2. Kanavugal Ilavasam (Tamil Edition)
3. Operation Venus(Tamil Edition)
4. Thandanai Neram.
5. Vidumurai Vibareetham.
6. Ini, Iniyaa
7. Un Kathai Muttrum.
You may learn more about Pattukkottai Prabhakar and his books on websites like as Amazon, Goodreads, and Wikipedia.

Vidiyalai Thedum Boomi, Thirumagal Thedum Poonkaatru, and many more.

Suba Novels Tamil Crime List:

Vellai Thamarai, Korkai, and several more.

Suba is a Tamil novelist who has published numerous novels in the crime and thriller genres. Her famous works include Vellai Thamarai and Korkai.
3. Kallanai.
Suba’s works are renowned for their compelling stories and well-developed characters. You may learn more about Suba and her work on sites like Goodreads, Amazon, and Thanga Thamarai Pathippagam.

Sujatha Novels Tamil Crime List:

En Iniya Iyanthira, Kolaiyuthir Kaalam, and many more.

Sujatha Rangarajan, a renowned Tamil novelist, is considered the most influential in modern Tamil. He published over 100 novels, 250 short stories, ten science books, 10 stage plays, and several newspapers. His significant works include “En Iniya Iyanthira”, “Kolaiyuthir Kaalam”, “Aah”, and “Priya”. More about Sujatha and his books can be found on Goodreads and Amazon.

More Tamil crime novelists and their books are available on outlets like Goodreads, Amazon, and Flipkart.

Ramanichandran novels

How to Download Ramanichandran Novels It’s very easy To download All Tamil Novels in One place Ramanichandran Novels Free Download. Ramanichandran novels are very interesting and famous in the Tamil language all novels based on Romance and Family oriented Novels. you read Tamil Novels for free.

Sivasankari Krishnakumar, a Tamil author noted for her modern love novels, writes under the pen name Ramanichandran. Her books are extremely popular among Tamil-speaking readers, and she has a devoted following. Here are some significant features of Ramanichandran’s books.

It’s worth mentioning that Ramanichandran’s novels are largely written in Tamil and have been translated into several Indian languages in order to reach a wider audience. Those who appreciate pleasant, character-driven romance stories with an emphasis on family and relationships will enjoy her writings.

Kalki Novels

Historical Tamil Novels are written Kalki one best Tamil Novels writers all Novels based on Historical Novels. try to Download the Novels Here Tamil Historical Novels Pdf Free Download

Kalki Krishnamurthy was a prominent Tamil writer and journalist, well known for his historical novels. He is widely considered one of Tamil literature’s most important and acclaimed writers. Here are some highlights from Kalki’s books.

Kalki’s historical novels were his most well-known works. His writings frequently took readers back in time, envisioning and describing historical events and individuals in remarkable detail and accuracy. “Ponniyin Selvan,” an epic historical tale set during the Chola empire, is his most renowned work.

Atm Novels

ATM Novels are very interesting Readers like to read Most people search on the internet more than 1 lakh people search For a Month ATM Novels Free Download Online.

Srikala Novels

Srikala Novels are based on love, romance, and Family Download the Novels we collect from various websites listed here for you.

Second Most popular writer In the Tamil language Srikala Novels more than 50,000 people search Monthly YOu can read and download the Tamil Novels Of Srikala Tamil Novels Free Download Online Here. 

Muthulakshmi Raghavan Novels

MR Novels Are otherwise called Muthulakshmi Raghavan Novels Romance Based Novels written By Her All Novels are famous and some are very interesting Also You Download Muthulakshmi Raghavan Novels.

Rajesh Kumar Novels

Crime and thriller Novels are written By Rajesh Sir All Novels are very fearful and interesting to read at night time. I have some of its very interesting ones. Rajesh Kumar Novels Free Download Online

Hansikasuga Tamil Novels

Hansikasuga is most popular in Tamil and Telugu people love to read Tamil novels they search on the internet to download Hansikasuga Tamil Novels

Sashi murali novels

Sashi Murali Novels are very interesting and informative novels people also try to Download Tamil Novels but we collect many More websites listed here for free Download Tamil Novels Of Sashi Murali Novels

Ramya Rajan novels

Ramya Rajan Novels New One People Who Like New romance Novels take a look Here Ramya Rajan Novels Free Download Online

Mallika Manivannan Novels

These Novels Mostly searching in USA More 1000 people like to read These Novels In USA Monthly 1000 people try to Download the Mallika Manivannan Novels

Pommu novels

Short Story & Tamil Novels are listed here for free To read Pommu Novels and Best Tamil Novels Free Download Take a look to read Or Download Pommu Novels

Perma Novels and Books are very nice to read WE searched many places to Download Tamil Novels And Finally, we found the right place to Download Perma Novels Free Download

I have listed the Top 10 Tamil Novel Writers’ names and Best Tamil Novels to download Above read them for free all Books and Novels are collected From the Public Domain.

Famous Tamil Authors And Their Books

Some of the famous Tamil authors and their notable works include:

1. Kalki Krishnamurthy:
– Notable Works:
– “Ponniyin Selvan” – An epic historical saga.
– “Sivagamiyin Sabatham” – A tale of love and loyalty.
– “Alai Osai” – A timeless romance.

2. Jayakanthan:
– Notable Works:
– “Cinemavukku Pona Vazhkai” and “Sila Nerangalil Sila Manithargal” – Known for realism and social criticism.

3. Perumal Murugan:
– Notable Works:
– Known for his exploration of rural life and customs.

4. Ashokamitran:
– Notable Works:
– Prominent for his novels, short stories, and essays.

5. Sujatha Rangarajan:
– Notable Works:
– Known for his science fiction stories.

6. Indira Parthasarathy:
– Notable Works:
– Known for his experimental style.

7. Thi. Janakiraman:
– Notable Works:
– Capturing the essence of rural life.

These authors have made significant contributions to Tamil literature, each with a unique style and thematic focus, enriching the literary heritage of Tamil Nadu.

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