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Thunai Thedum Pothu By Lakshmi” is a must-read book by the Tamil language writer Lakshmi Thiripurasundari. It was published online on July 30, 2012, and is available for free. The novel is part of Lakshmi’s collection which includes other notable works like “Kai maariya pothu” and “Meendum vasantham.”round the same time.

What is the plot of thunai thedum pothu by lakshmi thiripurasundari?

Full Name- Thiripurasundari Srinivasan
Pen Name- Lakshmi
Birthdate and Place- 21 March 1921ThottiyamTamil Nadu
“Thunai Thedum Pothu” by Lakshmi Thiripurasundari is a story about the main character’s journey, exploring themes of family, education, and personal growth. The narrative portrays the character’s struggles and accomplishments in a traditional society, and the challenges faced by women in pursuing education and personal aspirations.”ace of adversity.”ace of adversity.”ace of adversity.”

What is the target audience for thunai thedum pothu Novels?

“Thunai Thedum Pothu by Lakshmi Thiripurasundari is a Tamil novel suitable for Tamil-speaking individuals interested in family, education, and personal growth themes. The book is accessible for both avid and new readers.”

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