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Sathya Rajkumar Novels – He began writing at the age of 19, contributing to all of the major Tamil magazines before moving on to short tales and Tamil novels.

Savi, Kumudam, Vikatan, Kalki, Kalimagal, Idhayam, Amutha Surabhi, Dinamani Kathir, Thai, Mona, Malaimathi, and other Savi, Kumudam, Vikatan, Kalki, Kalimagal, Idhayam, Amutha Surabhi, Dinamani Kathir, Thai, Mona, Malaimathi, and other Savi, Kumudam, Vikat

Sathyarajkumar (சத்யராஜ்குமார்) Bio

All of the anecdotes in the novel are well-known, especially among Tamils, and it’s pretty fascinating Tamil Novels Online Reading

After he relocates to the United States. Continue to write a blog and numerous Ezine popular websites, and people in the United States are also welcome to read the well-known internet narrative…

All of Sathya Rajkumar Novels are well-known on the internet and have a large following. Finally, on January 8, 2020, he released a 5-week series of his novels in Kumudam weekly.

Sathya Rajkumar Novels Pdf Download

Below are some of Sathya Rajkumar’s most recent Tamil novels.

It’s in the public domain, so take a look at the nice Tamil books that are listed every day in Novels Tamil, a well-known Tamil Novels Free Download site for you.


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S.No Novels Download
1 Amudhinum Iniyavale Download
2 Anbae Aaruyirae Download
3 Avall Oru Vasantha Geetham and Oonjalaadum Uravugall Download
4 En Arugil Nee Irundhal Download
5 Ennil Nirainthavaley Download
6 Kaagidha Pookkall and Rojaakkalil Panneer Thuligall Download
7 Kanavae Kalaiyaathae Download
8 Kaniyae Amudhae Download
9 Malare Mayangathe Download
10 Mayanginen Solla Thayaginen Download
11 Naan Unnai Neenga Matten Download
12 Nesam Konda Manadhu Download
13 Nilave Oli Veesu Download
14 Nilavu Varum Velai Download
15 Paalai Poongatrae Download
16 Pennilavu Maanguthadi Download
17 Swasamena Kalanthayae Download
18 Thedi Vandha Vasanthame Download
19 Thelintha Nilavu Download
20 Thendralena Vanthai Download
21 Uyiraga Naan Irupen Download
22 Uyirodu Uyiraaga Download
23 Vaasamulla Malaridhu Download
24 Vanth Naal Mudhalai Download
25 Varuda Vandha Thendral Download
26 Vasanthame Arukil Vaa Download
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