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Rajesh Kumar work is appreciated by readers for its innovative stories, engaging characters, and thrilling twists and turns. His heroes are frequently investigators or crime-solving detectives who utilize their knowledge and instincts to solve tough situations.

His writings have been warmly accepted by Tamil readers, and he has established a reputation for himself in Tamil literature.

Rajesh Kumar Novels is a well-known Tamil author well recognised for his crime and detective thrillers. His best-selling Tamil books include:

  1. “Vattathukkul Sathuram” (வட்டத்துக்குள் சதுரம்)
  2. “Vidhiyin Vilayattu” (விதியின் விளயாட்டு)
  3. “Oru Mothiram Irunthu Kandaen” (ஒரு மோதிரம் இருந்து கண்டேன்)
  4. “Nenjam Marappathillai” (நெஞ்சம் மறப்பதில்லை)
  5. “Ninaivukal Vendum” (நினைவுகள் வேண்டும்)
  6. “Vidiyalai Nokki” (விடியலை நோக்கி)
  7. “Vaa, Maa Ganga” (வா, மா கங்கா)
  8. “Mugamoodi” (முகமூடி)
  9. “Varumayin Niram Sivappu” (வருமாயின் நிறம் சிவப்பு)

These are just a few examples of Rajesh Kumar novels in Tamil. He has written numerous other books, and his works are widely read and enjoyed by Tamil readers.

Rajesh Kumar Novels is a well-known Tamil author well-recognized for his crime and detective thrillers. He has authored some works, many of which have interesting puzzles and complex characters. His writing style is fascinating, and he has a knack for keeping readers interested from start to finish.

Some of Rajesh Kumar Novels Online popular novels in Tamil include “Vattathukkul Sathuram,” “Vidhiyin Vilayattu,” “Oru Mothiram Irunthu Kandaen,” “Nenjam Marappathillai,” “Ninaivukal Vendum,” “Vidiyalai Nokki,” “Vaa, Maa Ganga,” “Mugamoodi,” and “Varumayin Niram Sivappu.”

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10  Arthiku Abathu Download
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15  Ini Poruppathillai Download
16 Ini Min Mini Download
17 Indianai Iru Download
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27  Iruttil Vaitha Kuri Download
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29  Kolaikaara Computer & Oodhaa Nila Download
30 Kondralum Kuttramillai Download
31 Miss Baratha Matha Download
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33  Marana Yogam Download
34 Marana Cheetai Ketu Vangavum Download
35  Kurinji Pookal Engum Pookkum Download
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37  Oru Adhikaalai Kolai Download
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75  California Kaadhali Download
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